Snow Removal:

“Considering the amount of snow we received, they (SSI employees) did an outstanding job coordinating with an on-duty supervisor on ensuring that the parking lot was cleared.  I just want to say they did an outstanding job. Please pass along my grateful appreciation.”

“We had an aircraft return around 1545 or so and not only did the guys ensure the runway was in good condition, they broom cleaned the centerline starting with the taxiway the aircraft was going to exit and all the way to where the aircraft was going to park. This was done as the aircraft was landing and taxiing to ensure the pilot would be able to see the taxi-line. These employees went above and beyond and I am very appreciative.”

“The dedication these guys portray when it comes to doing everything they can to keep the airfield open and in good condition is amazing. I am very grateful to have these guys on the airfield because I know if it can be done…they will find a way.  Please extend my gratitude to all of them.”


“It has been a long time since I have experienced this much satisfaction for a job so well done! I would like to congratulate the SSI team for the compliments demonstrated today through teamwork and tenacity!”

“I wanted to take a quick moment and tell you how awesome the pool has been this year for not only the AST’s but for the base swim team. I have talked to your employee who works over there personally to express our gratitude, but I know you probably don’t always hear about the good things your workers are doing. The pool has been crystal clear and perfect temp all season. Anytime we had an issue facilities related he was on it. I know he does this job by himself and never complains. I am not sure if you are his direct supervisor, or someone else, but I just wanted to pass along that his hard work and dedication are noticed by hundreds of people that visit us every summer for swim meets. I must say that of all the pools we swim at I would put the ATC pool at the top for cleanliness and condition.”

“The perseverance and hard work displayed by you and your staff continue to be a sound reflection on Satellite Services, ATC and the Coast Guard.”

“The superb professionalism and quality workmanship your employees demonstrate while maintaining ATC’s facilities and grounds are an outstanding reflection on your leadership team and SSI as a whole. The resulting pristine condition of ATC Mobile enables our Coast Guardsmen to work and train for maritime safety and Homeland Security missions in a world-class facility.”