Base Operating Support

March Air Reserve Base, CA

For more than 10 years, SSI has provided services on the BOS contract at March Air Reserve in California. At the end of the current contract term, SSI’s will have provided service for  a total of thirteen years at this site.

SSI provides services, materials, supplies, labor, and equipment required to operate, maintain, repair and protect all real property assets. Services include supply, fuels management, vehicle operations and maintenance, traffic management, facility operations and maintenance, site maintenance, airfield management, and transient aircraft support.


Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, NY

Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station is a joint-use facility with Niagara Falls International Airport. It is home to the Air Force Reserve Command’s 914th Airlift Wing. SSI provides Real Property and Airfield Maintenance services at this location.

SSI performs a full range of project management and administrative duties, including work control, scheduling, cost accounting, reporting, control of government-furnished inventories, quality control, and security and safety.